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Each class participates in 12 study/travel seminars involving about 55 days over twenty-two months. These seminars are scheduled on alternating months.

  • Program takes approximately 22 months to complete
  • 12 study/travel seminars
    • Ten seminars held in locations throughout Florida (each three to five days)
    • One seminar in Washington D.C. (10-12 days)
    • One international seminar in developed and developing countries (15-17 days)

Program Format

Who conducts the seminars?

Government and private business leaders, state and federal agency personnel, and university faculty and staff conduct the seminars. Training emphasizes understanding of issues, as well as basic skills in communication, interpersonal relations, decision-making and problem-solving.

What will I learn?

During the first year, participants will gain a thorough understanding of current and projected issues facing decision-makers at the local and state levels. They will also learn how to provide leadership in addressing issues at these levels. The second year is devoted to national and international issues and the impact they have on the State of Florida.

The program gives participants a first-hand observation of the similarities and differences in people and customs of different cultures. This helps participants understand the decision-making process at each level and the impact of these decisions on Florida’s agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities.

How will I benefit?

The total effort of the program is geared to prepare people to take leadership in bringing about solutions to issues that shape the future of Florida’s agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities.

As a result of this experience, participants gain a broader knowledge base to draw upon when making decisions, plus a higher level of confidence and competence in achieving his/her potential for leadership.