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Three more sleeps…

It's Wednesday morning and the bags are being loaded onto the bus. We have gotten pretty efficient at loading, unloading, checking in and checking out of hotels. I think everyone is looking forward to not living out of a suitcase (myself included), but I don't want to wish our trip away. The last few days in Scotland have been really good--the countryside is breath taking, the visits interesting and informative--a dairy farmer yesterday said he was all for brexit because ... Read more

Second week, second continent…

Happy Monday! It's a misty, overcast day in Scotland--what one would expect. It was a long travel night and day to get here. But we arrived in good spirits and ready for our second week--after a little time to decompress. It was a bit of a cultural shock to get off the plane back to first world craziness. Africa does lull you into a slower pace and "Africa time". We arrived at the hotel around 3pm yesterday and everyone ... Read more

Farewell Africa….

We are week down and sitting back in the Johannesburg airport reflecting on our time in Africa (and buying last minute souvenirs--the shopping here is incredible!) The group is doing well, while missing family, dogs (the canines at the farm we visited today got lots of pats), and the comforts of home (there has been longing for sweet tea), they have hung together, propped each other up and really been open to the experience of Africa. It's sometimes hard to ... Read more

“We’re going to where?!”

I'm sure when I shared Plan B after Kenya fell through with the group they wondered where the heck Swaziland was?! Now, I would wager anything that they wouldn't have traded the experiences in this country for the world! Today was a stellar day of programming. We began by visiting a farming company--many small farmers have banded together to form "companies" (cooperatives). Sugarcane "aka Swazi gold" is the primary crop here and you can see it as far as ... Read more

Our first full day…

As we all retire to our different guest cottages spread out across an old sugar plantation with the eyes of impalas reflected in our flashlights beams, I am thinking that everyone is having the same thoughts...missing home, but loving Africa...and oh by the way, sore as heck because we climbed a dam. Every single one of us, climbed a dam. That's the group--all for one and one for all! And this is why I enjoy them so much! ... Read more

Good Morning Swaziland

Today begins our first major day of programming--everyone is in good spirits and enjoying their time in Africa. Lots of good insights about their perceptions were shared last night. The beauty of this country is amazing--as are the people. Read more

Carrying the flag!

Read more

Hello Africa!

After one of the craziest travel days--we all made it (along with our luggage) to South Africa. We were greeted by our local guide and also one of my best friends from grad school who lives and works here in Africa. We are staying in a hotel next to the airport so everyone can shower, eat and relax after an extraordinarily long travel day. We got on the plane last night in Atlanta in the dark and arrived here ... Read more

By the hair of our chiny, chin, chin!!

After a very long day in the Orlando airport and a very quick sprint through the Atlanta airport--we are on board! Next stop South Africa!! Read more

And we’re not off…. can plan, and plan, and plan some more....but the only thing I haven't been able to figure how to control is the weather. With that, we boarded our flight to Atlanta and then were told that Atlanta is closed. Closed. No flights in or out. So they let folks off the plane. A few remained. And even some are taking advantage of the quiet time for a nap. Hopefully we'll take off soon...let's get this trip started! Read more
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