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By the hair of our chiny, chin, chin!!

After a very long day in the Orlando airport and a very quick sprint through the Atlanta airport--we are on board! Next stop South Africa!! Read more

And we’re not off…. can plan, and plan, and plan some more....but the only thing I haven't been able to figure how to control is the weather. With that, we boarded our flight to Atlanta and then were told that Atlanta is closed. Closed. No flights in or out. So they let folks off the plane. A few remained. And even some are taking advantage of the quiet time for a nap. Hopefully we'll take off soon...let's get this trip started! Read more

And we are off!!!

Van is loaded and we are heading to the airport. Whatever we have forgotten we didn't need! (Hopefully all passports are accounted for though!). Looking forward to the adventures that await us and traveling with this amazing group of folks! Read more

And we’re off!

Moving slowly north on I-75. Peyton is mad he isn't going with us . . . Read more

I’m blogging??

Testing the app here...can't wait to set sail for S Africa! See all my fellow class Xers on Friday. Already missing family & friends at home. It'll be a great trip! Read more

Silent Week

I'm limiting my talking leading up to the trip so I'll be ready to go when I sit down next to Cody for 15+ hr flight So much to talk about.... Read more
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