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Our Vision

The goal of the Phase II Campaign is to secure the WLI Directorship with a $2.5 million endowment.  Endowing the WLI Directorship ensures an agricultural leadership professor is always available to lead the program.  Currently, the director’s position is funded through a state line with no additional guaranteed funding.

Likewise, an endowed directorship provides a strong recruiting incentive to the next director.  Endowed positions at universities consistently attract the strongest pool of applicants due to their guaranteed funding stream.

Organizational growth and adaption are the keys to guaranteeing WLI remains relevant to its stakeholders.

A larger endowment allows for increased industry and alumni programming.  Through this new endowment, funds become available for a leadership coordinator to provide programming to support multiple annual industry requests as well as create and implement additional programming for alumni members.

Endowment Update

The original endowment of $1.25 million was completed in December 2004.  The state matching program added $750,000 to the principal for a total endowment of $2 million.

The current endowment is responsible for much of the program’s success:

  • More than 250 alumni
  • 91% program satisfaction rate
  • Each alumnus contributes to creating an average of three jobs
  • Majority of alumni are at a manager level or higher in their careers


The WLI endowment has a current balance of $2.9 million.  WLI utilizes approximately 4% of the principal’s value, equaling roughly $116,000 per year.  Class IX’s total experience cost $330,000.

We’ve raised more than $1.5 million for the directorship endowment.

Please consider how you can help.

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