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It’s Wednesday morning and the bags are being loaded onto the bus. We have gotten pretty efficient at loading, unloading, checking in and checking out of hotels. I think everyone is looking forward to not living out of a suitcase (myself included), but I don’t want to wish our trip away.

The last few days in Scotland have been really good–the countryside is breath taking, the visits interesting and informative–a dairy farmer yesterday said he was all for brexit because it would create chaos and change. It’s interesting when some people look forward to change and others fear it.

Yesterday’s final visit was with a family who has just been through the succession planning process–three brothers each got a pice of the farm and they are each doing different things with it. One brother (probably the more adventuresome) developed outdoor activities on his five hectares–and it’s become a destination now in Scotland. Hearing the family’s story and spending the afternoon with them was such an experience (not to mention the 20 or so who zip lined down the side of the bluff.)

Today is another full day of programming–the group continues to amaze me with their positive spirits and energy. They are hanging in and making the most of this journey.

We send all our love back home–we will be there soon!

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