“We’re going to where?!”

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I’m sure when I shared Plan B after Kenya fell through with the group they wondered where the heck Swaziland was?! Now, I would wager anything that they wouldn’t have traded the experiences in this country for the world!

Today was a stellar day of programming. We began by visiting a farming company–many small farmers have banded together to form “companies” (cooperatives). Sugarcane “aka Swazi gold” is the primary crop here and you can see it as far as the eye can go across the rolling landscape (we definitely aren’t in Belle Glade Toto!) We also visited a Farmers Federation and the 2nd largest sugarcane mill. We were struck at all these stops at how young the leaders were we spoke with and how positive, sharp and articulate they are.

To explore the culture–we stopped at a local grocery store. While there, we met a group of kids who never had seen a bus our size. Their awe was rewarded with all sorts of goodies.

Last night we were delighted by a group of high schoolers who danced and sang for us. They were amazing and really capped off an amazing day of programming!

The group is doing well. They acclimated to the time change and are in good spirits!

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