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The intent of this program is to develop and refine the leadership capabilities of leaders who, in turn, will be prepared to become increasingly involved in policy formation –be it policy that directly applies to all segments of Florida agriculture and natural resources, or public policy that will affect the future of Florida agriculture and natural resources either in a direct or indirect manner.


  • Prepares potential leaders to assume greater leadership responsibilities in their organizations, industries and communities.
  • Assembles individual networks composed of class members, alumni, and program resources for the purpose of developing future industry, organizational, civic and political leaders.
  • Creates strategic alliances and build strong linkages within and across Florida’s agriculture and natural resources sectors.
  • Analyzes complex issues facing individuals interested in areas related to agriculture, natural resources and Florida’s communities.
  • Applies inner-personal skills so as develop a better understanding of people—themselves, fellow citizens and their environment as to more effectively work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Creates an understanding of social, economic and political systems in which people function and how to work within these systems to effectively bring about change.

Target Audience

This program is designed for people working within agriculture and natural resources who have experienced leadership roles and aspire for greater leadership responsibilities in the private and/or public sectors at the community, state, national, or international levels. In this context, the selection process will generally concentrate on individuals who can demonstrate the willingness and capacity for long-term leadership. Each class of up to 30 individuals consists of

  1. 25-45+ years of age
  2. Who make a substantial percentage of their income from occupations in Florida agriculture, natural resources, and/or related areas, and
  3. Who are committed to providing effective leadership well into this century.

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