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We are week down and sitting back in the Johannesburg airport reflecting on our time in Africa (and buying last minute souvenirs–the shopping here is incredible!) The group is doing well, while missing family, dogs (the canines at the farm we visited today got lots of pats), and the comforts of home (there has been longing for sweet tea), they have hung together, propped each other up and really been open to the experience of Africa.

It’s sometimes hard to juggle programming, taking care of people and then blogging–this takes a back seat and I feel badly because I know you all are looking forward to reading what is happening here. Valerie has done an amazing job of posting here and on social media and I feel like I don’t hold a candle to her words. She captured Swaziland so well in her love letter–I can’t say much else.

Yesterday and today were a wonderful last memories of this place. Yesterday we spent time in Kruger National Park and saw 18 different species–we only missed a lion from the “Big Five”. Today we started learning about citrus and then our final stop was with a lovely farming family who provided us a wonderful meal and great tour of their grain and livestock operation.

I feel fortunate in so many ways. Grateful that this program allows for a trip like this–it is such an impactful learning experience for the group, thankful for this group of people who are on this journey and amazed at how we can travel around the world and find that our differences aren’t so great. A love for agriculture, for the natural resources that are a part of it and of the people that we become connected to because of this love.

Thank you Africa.

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